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Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is a key Empire Protector for the growing expansion empire. This Director is the master of systems, consistently seeking new, innovative and efficient business processes that save time and money. As a key leader in the Expansion Hub, the Director of Operations increases the ability of the Hub to process transactions, freeing the Network Referral Agents to focus more on generating transactions than closing them. This person relishes the opportunity to build, implement and manage multiple systems, and is seen throughout the organization as the expert on efficiency and systems. This person exhibits a drive to use systems as a strategic tool for creating an advantage for the organization. This individual will have some ability to show patience in finding a solution, though accomplishing the objective is more important for this person than using one specific process.

The Director of Operations is deeply committed to supporting the growth of the Expansion Network Owner and Expansion Director in achieving greater and greater levels of success, and to growing her/his own skills and developing into a supportive leader within the organization. As the success of the business grows, this individual will be responsible for hiring, training and leading additional department members to ensure all administrative tasks of the Expansion Network Owner's business continues to be completed to high standards with maximum efficiency.



These are the standards a well-above average performer will maintain or exceed:

  • Builds, implements and manages all systems for transaction coordination, internal communication, client communication, financial management, information management, central database management and marketing.

  • Assists as needed in documenting the systems of other departments, including customer service, buyer, seller, lead generation, tracking and expansion systems.

  • Oversees all contracts through closing.

  • Creates and maintains an operations manual that documents all systems and standards.

  • Coordinates the purchase, installation and maintenance of all office equipment.

  • Is responsible for hiring, training, consulting and holding accountable all additional administrative department members.

  • Help develop community Facebook pages and client/community events.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • System development, implementation, documentation and management

  • Information management 

  • Oversight of contracts through closing and use Command for processes

  • Customer/vendor relations

  • Leading administrative department members (as appropriate to organizational structure)

  • Full knowledge of how to use Command and to leverage with marketing and transactions


  • Expansion Network Owner - daily

  • Network Referral Agents - daily

  • Administrative Department (as appropriate to organizational structure) - daily

  • Buyers/Sellers/Vendors - as appropriate

  • Create content and posts for Facebook / IG pages


  • Part Time - Negotiable

  • Full Time - Salary (negotiable) / bonus on Company (Better with Bethany) GCI.



High Impact Traits

  • Rapid Problem Solving: The target for this trait is high. People in this range can solve many problems in rapid succession using a quick, intuitive approach. They usually like to have many new issues to deal with every day. They can typically handle smaller issues quickly and move on to the next one without pausing.

  • Responsiveness: The target for this trait is high. People in this range are naturally fast moving and responsive, and they dislike waiting. They can be restless and impatient, particularly with activities that are repetitive. They prefer to work rapidly and to have a variety of responsibilities in a changing environment.

Medium Impact Traits

  • Logical Problem Solving: The target for this trait is medium-high. People in this range have a good ability to solve complex problems logically. They are able to pull difficult issues apart to deal with the components one-by-one. They like being able to think through a problem or solution in order to present it carefully and logically to others.

  • Vocabulary: The target for this trait is high. People in this range learn easily and quickly from their environments. They pick up new information readily and learn rapidly when circumstances change. They typically make use of a wide range of acquired experience and knowledge in making decisions, deciding on a course of action or adjusting to a changed environment as needed.

  • Intensity: The target for this trait is high. People in this range will deal directly and energetically with obstacles at work. They feel a strong emotional drive to push to overcome difficulties and develop solutions when problems arise.

  • Structure: The target for this trait is medium-high. People in this range naturally focus on maintaining a structured environment and processing work in an organized manner. They are receptive to rules and regulations and to specific criteria for measuring success. While they prefer to avoid routine work and delays, they see the importance of carefully attending to crucial details.

  • Spatial Visualization: The target for this trait is high. People in this range are able to think about and visualize complex systems. They are able to deal with problems in which there are multiple variables that are constantly changing. They can mentally manipulate variables in complex models to understand what will happen when something changes.

Low Impact Traits

  • Adaptability: The target for this trait is low-medium. People in this range will respect and respond to other people's legitimate expectations while maintaining their own emotional independence. They will not usually compromise just to avoid conflict.

  • Assertiveness: The target for this trait is low-medium. People in this range are naturally conservative in their actions. They prefer to think things through and to gauge potential outcomes before taking action. They are not typically demanding nor do they have the need to dominate other people or situations.

  • Optimism: The target for this trait is low-medium. Although people in this range can be generally friendly, they tend to maintain a healthy skepticism about people and situations and anticipate things that might possibly go wrong.

  • Sociability: The garget for this trait is medium. People in this range are friendly and self-assured in their dealings with others. They tend to be well-liked because of their easygoing style and comfortable demeanor. They strive to cultivate trust and goodwill through effective communication and reasonable compromise.

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